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  • Hours of Operation
  • Monday – Friday 8:00AM- 5:00PM
TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-877-220-1223 (OR) 772-220-1220
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Inclusion – Warm Line for Parents

PARENTS | Inclusion – Warm Line

The Inclusion Coordinators visit child care providers to offer guidance on issues identified through developmental screenings. Parents in search of information about their child’s development can also call the Warm Line to speak directly to an Inclusion Coordinator about their child’s needs and child care preferences. 

The Inclusion Coordinator provides assistance with:

  • Curriculum issues 
  • Strategies for managing behavior
  • Child development concerns 
  • Health
  • Environmental adaptations
  • Laws and regulation (e.g., The Americans with Disabilities Act)

An Inclusion Coordinator can be reached at the Warm Line: 772-223-3852 or if you have questions about services for your children.

The state’s Warm Line toll free number in Tallahassee is 866 357-3239.

Click here for more information on Florida’s Early Steps System and the CDC’s Milestone Tracker App.

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