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About the Coalition

ABOUT US | About the Coalition

The Early Learning Coalition of Indian River, Martin, and Okeechobee Counties, Inc. (ELCIRMO) is defined and described in Chapter 1002, Florida Statutes. The Coalition was originally created in 1999 as a School Readiness Coalition and became an Early Learning Coalition with the signing of the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) legislation on January 2, 2005. ELCIRMO offers subsidized child care assistance and programs that give children a competitive start in life. ELCIRMO is responsible for the planning and implementation of school readiness and voluntary pre-kindergarten services in the three county areas. The Coalition is responsible for making decisions to meet the early education and child care needs of the children in our communities.

The Coalition sets priorities that are relevant to the children and families in the communities we serve. In addition to providing financial assistance for families, we offer support, training and resources to community providers who serve approximately 7,800 children daily through the School Readiness, VPK and free Resource & Referral programs. We serve children and families from all socio-economic backgrounds through a network of child care and resource and referral programs. Our computerized data system allows trained counselors to track both supply and demand for all types of child care services on a daily basis. Parents seeking quality child care have a variety of options including center-based care, family child care, after-school care, preschool, summer camp, nanny information, odd hour, and sick care.

Along with free Resource and Referral services, we work to enhance both the quality and supply of care through recruitment and training programs. Whether seeking to provide family child care in their homes or planning to open a child care center, we offer start-up and technical assistance, as well as follow-up training and support.

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