School Readiness

SR Child Performance Standards

New Developmental Screening in Effect for SR Providers!

As of July 1, 2013 SR Providers must implement new screening regulations. See Rule 6M-4.720 for all the details, some of which are summarized below:

Initial screenings for SR children aged six weeks to age of kindergarten eligibility must be done no later than 45 days after initial enrollment and thereafter in the month of the child’s birthday. After completing and scoring, provide the summary page to ELCIRMO, attention Karen Kravitz. Be sure to check your emails from us for a listing of children to screen.

No later than 30 calendar days after completion of a child’s screening, the child care provider shall submit the child’s screening results to ELCIRMO in writing.

The child care provider must provide screening results for each child in writing, to the child’s parent.

In the event that a parent declines to have his or her child screened, Form OEL-SR 24 is to be completed and submitted to ELCIRMO within 30 days of receipt. This form is available at the internet website:

Subsequent screenings are to be administered annually, in the month of the child’s birthday.

Subsequent enrollment - in the event that a child is enrolled after being terminated or withdrawn from the SR Program, the child is to be screened within 45 days of subsequent enrollment.

Exceptions apply in certain situations – please see rule 6M-4.720 for the details.

Download 6M-4.720   /uploads/files/Dev%20screen%20rule%206M-4%20720.pdf


Professional Development
The Coalition Program Staff is dedicated to furthering the quality of child care through specialized technical assistance and training to meet each provider’s needs. Continuing education opportunities are offered to increase the knowledge and skills of the child care staff and meet the increasing demands of state requirements.
Developmental Screening and Assessment
The Coalition Program Staff trains child care providers on required screening and assessment instruments and oversees the process. The Coalition ensures that child care providers receive the appropriate materials and equipment and ongoing technical assistance is provided, as needed.
Quality Initiatives
The Coalition, as funding allows, offers Quality Initiatives including educational funding for child care providers and their staff.